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How Kim Schulster, a native New Yorker helps paint the town WHITE!!!!!

It’s baaack! 

After being involved in planning the initial NYC White Party in 2011, I have returned to join the team this year as one of the Branch Leaders of Dîner en Blanc 2013. As a native New Yorker and a seasoned Event Planner I am thrilled to be involved in helping make this year’s event memorable. 
Already in its 3rd year in NYC, 2013 will prove to be another great triumph.  Dîner en Blanc, what was once the unknown has now become the event to know! I am excited to be a part of the glamour and magic this night holds.   

The mystery combined with the elegance of white with the hand chosen of New York's most fabulous people will be sure to make for an out of this world evening.

My amazement for this event comes from the anticipation of how or where the guests are going and where they may end up.  As all of the groups approach still only a few select guiding our friends into the unknown...then a pause, a breath...those few minutes of serenity and calmness before white takes Gotham by storm…then boom! People glammed up in their best white, embracing this tradition and even taking it to the next level with some wild white themed ideas.   That vision of the guests arriving at precisely the same time is breathtaking.   It’s enough to leave this girl breathless!  

They say the color white signifies perfection and successful beginnings and that is just what this event is!   Welcome back Dîner en Blanc and here’s to “successful beginnings”.  I am truly looking forward to another perfect evening with 4000 of my closest friends.

Allez Dîner en Blanc 2013 from your fearless leader,


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Anna G.
9 year ago
cannot wait to see what awaits us. looking forward to what i know will be a memorable event!!
Marty V.
9 year ago
Once again you're about to pull it off, Superbly done! Can't wait to see you there!

Lexy M.
thanks M ;)
Jesika J.
9 year ago

If anyone can plan a diner en blanc, its you! fearless under pressure and always a kind heart... thanks for all the hard ya!
Lexy M.
awe thanks sweets excited u will be there to join me
Laura C.
9 year ago
Thanks for all your hard work Kim. You are a getting us all geared up!
Lexy M.
Laura your expertise is invaluable to me ;)
Belquis T.
9 year ago
And it will be amazinng this year as well! Thank you for all of your hard work.
Lexy M.
thanks so much!!!
Tricia A.
9 year ago
Looking forward to enjoying the evening with you! Welcome back,
Lexy M.
thanks Tricia...its good to be back!
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