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Need Help Finding Tables & Chairs?


We’ve provide a list of places where you may Buy or Rent tables & chairs for the event.  See below.

Please make sure to get a white tablecloth to cover your tabletop.  Tables must be square and fall within 24”-30”.

FOR PURCHASE:  Folding Square Tables



FOR PURCHASE:  White Folding Chairs





FOR RENT: Tables & Chairs

The following is a list of rental companies where you can rent folding tables and chairs.

A&S Chair and Party Rental:  www.AsChairRental.com  Square table 30”x30” + 2 white folding chairs $32.66 (132 Franklin Ave., Brooklyn). Second package includes square table 30’’x30” + 2 white folding chairs + 2 napkins + 1 tablecloth $44.64. Please note that prices will go up after 8/18/17 2PM.  718-387-3494


All Affairs:  www.Allaffairs.com

Square table 30”x30”, $15 + 2 white folding chairs, $3.75 (cushioned)/ $2.75 (plastic) each, $9.95 tablecloth. (2255 59th Street, Brooklyn) 718-234-4300

A1 Party & Tent Rentals:  www.Partybuster.com Package consists of square bridge table 30”x30”, 2 white plastic folding chairs, 1 tablecloth and for 2 linen napkins for $50. If getting 2 packages, price is $75 for 2 (1111 Rogers Ave., Brooklyn) 718-789-9200

Of course, after searching, you may find other locations with better prices. Feel free to share any other table/chair resources you find by posting a message on this page or on the Facebook wall: www.Facebook.com/DinerEnBlanc.NewYork

We hope you find this helpful.


The New York Dîner en Blanc Team

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Sharmin M.
3 month ago
I ordered a table from Amazon and I am hoping that I receive it by tomorrow - unfortunately I will be traveling from Yonkers on Tuesday and can't rent a table in time. Is there anyone that might have an extra table that I could purchase for the event? I can be reached at sharminprice123@gmail.com and can travel between today and tomorrow evening in Manhattan - although it would be preferable on the UWS. Thanks!
Christopher B.
3 month ago
Has anyone found anything perfect yet? I am getting a late jump on this.
Young L.
3 month ago
Wow, this is a very helpful article! How has anyone rent chairs and tables before? Do they deliver to the venue, which is a secret until the day of the event? Or do they deliver to the attendee's address prior to the event?
Young L.
The merchandise will have to be picked up from Brooklyn, at least for A&S Rentals. (I love it when I answer my own question :)
The other 2 rentals seem to have delivery option, All Affairs has a minimum order for delivery and nothing of the sort is stated on A1's website. They are all closed by 5pm, so I'm going to have to give them a call tomorrow! Stay tune, or chime in if you've done this before!
~Ciao for now!
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