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Rental Packages

This year, we're excited to offer the all-in-one rental package!  

Easy and convenient: pick up prior to #DEBNYC19 then, drop off at the secret Le Dîner en Blanc NYC location after the event!

Click here for additional information and to secure your all-in-one package! 

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Yi C.
5 days ago
Hi I am selling my tickets (two) for the dinner at a discounted price. Please email me at if interested. Thanks!
Joohyun P.
5 days ago
Anyone has chairs and table to rent? I am working till tomorrow and i do not have time to buy. Anyone can help me where could I buy if I cannot rent
Jacqueline P.
8 days ago
Hi! I am selling my tickets (two) for next weeks dinner. Please send me an email if you are interested in buying my tickets. My email address is
Lisa D.
8 days ago
Did anyone purchase two rental by a mistake and need s to get rid of one. If so, I can use it
Lisa D.
Sammy T.
8 days ago
I need 2 packages but cannot reserve any. Please contact me 646-623-7181
Tammy A.
8 days ago
is the pick up at the Le Diner en Blanc location?
Ana U.
9 days ago
Wait I just rented the package because I read "Drop Off at the secret location" - isn't this the case anymore?
Jason V.
10 days ago
So I’m about lost I rent them from a place and then have to pick them up at the place n bring them on date of event ?
Bethany D.
10 days ago
They really need to have a Manhattan location. There is 100% no way for me to get to Brooklyn then. Really shocked that's the only location.
Kimberly W.
10 days ago
Thanks but no has to pick up in BK. Totally defeats the purpose.
Bethany D.
Totally agree!
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