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Table and Chair Information

Dear Friends of Le Dîner en Blanc – New York,

We’ve updated the list of places where you may Buy or Rent tables & chairs for the event.  Please see below. Make sure to get white linen should the color of your tables not be white!

Buy Tables:

Buy Chairs:
  • NISSE  folding chair, White, $24.99 (purchase online, could be in stock at Brooklyn Store & Long Island Store)
  •  MÄLARÖ White folding chair, $29.99 (purchase online, could be in stock at Brooklyn Store& Long Island Store)
Rent Tables & Chairs:

Here is a list of rental companies where you can rent folding tables and chairs. : Square table 30x30” + 2 white folding chairs $25 (132 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn). They have designed 3 different packages for this event for the convenience of all our guests.  718-387-3494. : 1 Set @ $50 & 2 Sets @ $75 (Square table 30x30” + 2 white folding chairs + table cloth and 2 napkins ) (1111 Rogers Ave Brooklyn) 718- 789-9200 : Square table 30x30”, $15 + 2 white folding chairs, $3.75 / $.2.75 (plastic) each. (2255 59th Street, Brooklyn) 718 234 4300

Of course, you may find other locations and prices. Feel free to share your good deals with us by sending a message to your Table Leader and/or posting on our Facebook wall!
We hope this has been helpful to you.

The New York Dîner en Blanc Team

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Maureen O.
8 year ago
Hi all,
I will be attending with 4 people total. Is it acceptable to bring one 48x24 table as oppose two smaller ones?
Gozde A.
8 year ago
I've just rented 1 table+2 chairs+table cloth for $40. They have a truck stationed in front of Trader Joes at Union Square. I believe they are there until 3pm today. They'll pick up the rentals from our dinner location Monday night. Here is the phone # they gave me: 917 382 3134
Carissa M.
Any idea if they're there today?
Christine C.
Hey guys, any idea if they're doing this again this year? This number doesn't seem to work.
Kate K.
8 year ago
I could only get a 34x34. Is this okay?

Sandy H.
8 year ago
Did anyone order their table/chairs from Partybuster? Just received an order confirmation but haven't paid or anything?! Also, wondering if they deliver to your shipping address (home) or if they have it available pick up only.
Laura C.
The place on Franklin Ave.? Last year I had to pick up and drop off myself. You pay when you get there.
Leigh S.
8 year ago
I just received my table, which I ordered from the link above (The first table on amazon) and it is NOT square! Is it still acceptable?
Norelle E.
8 year ago
Hello all,

If you're looking for white chairs, I just bought 4 from this craigslist ad:

Each chairs is $5

The company, Janet, is located at 2 West 47th street, 7th floor near 5th Avenue. Please email them first as they open the doors to buyers after 5:30pm.
michelle l.
8 year ago
I bought a roll up table from Walmart, but they are out of stock. A similar table is available at:

it rolls up to carry into a canvas bag. MUCH better than the folding table I brought last year, which was hard to maneuver in and out of subway, even with a luggage cart

Brittany B.
Michelle, are you willing to sell me the table you bought last year?
Dillow K.
8 year ago
We bought the Ikea table, but just realized it is 21x21, which is smaller than guidelines. Can you update the listing so others don't make the same mistake and have to return like we do?
Anastasia V.
8 year ago
I just got this table on Amazon and its perfect! Super light, super easy to carry (in a bag with a shoulder strap) and extremely easy to put together! 27 in by 27 in by 27 in.

Compared to renting an extremely heavy table and chairs way out in BK last year, this is a much better option!
Lauren S.
Hi. How quickly did this come after you ordered it? I called Brookstone and they said it takes a week to ship.
Anastasia V.
Unfortunately, it did take a whole week to get it :(
Lauren S.
Thanks. Wish I hadn't procrastinated... :(
michelle l.
You might be able to contact seller to get it more quickly. Funny that Amazon is pairing it with a set of white chairs and a white tablecloth. I ordered one (for less money) at walmart, but they are out of stock. Try camping stores, like
Lauren S.
REI in Soho had one Camp Roll table today. They get shipments in every day so if anyone else is still looking I suggest calling them in the morning. They hold for 24 hours.
Sally O.
8 year ago
What kind of rolling cart can we use to transport the table and chairs?

michelle l.
I used a luggage cart, similar to this:
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