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Thank you NYC!

Dear Friends and Members,

Almost 3 months after our last magical meeting, we finally take the time to thank you for this extraordinary evening we all spent together at the Lincoln Center on August 20th 2012. As some of you already know Le Diner en Blanc – New York is now co hosted by Dîner en Blanc International and French Tuesdays. The year 2012 has been special in the development of the Dîner en Blanc® events as our team was in charge of licensing and supervising over 20 Dîner en Blanc® events Worldwide! This is a huge step for us in such a short period of time. We are very proud of this expansion and success that has been made possible thanks to fans, friends like you, and the amazing Host Teams who represent the heart of each organization. We don’t intend to rest as we have already received over 200 new requests for 2013! As the DEB family is growing, we have started to build a network that will regroup each organization on a single platform. As a Member, you will soon be able to register in other DEB events than the one in your city and interact with other Members as well.
We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you personally and to acknowledge the people who have made this event possible.
Firstly, the Lincoln Center Team, who welcomed us on the prestigious Josie Robertson Plaza, Alexandra Simoes (Head Leader of the volunteers), French Tuesdays (Co Hosts) our Group and Table Leaders without whom the DEB couldn’t exist…And most importantly, YOU!
In this second edition of DEB-NYC, New Yorkers have proven that they embraced the Dîner en Blanc with a real sense of “Joie de vivre”, elegance, and all the values of the concept that they embraced so generously!

To help you relive these magical moments, we have prepared the following:
Once again, we thank you for your support! We sincerely look forward to meeting you again next summer, somewhere in this magical city of New York!

Your humble Hosts,

Aymeric, Sandy and Gilles.


3200 People Converged on Secret Outdoor Location
"Lincoln Center" For Elegant Repast
Dîner en Blanc marks the world’s first viral event, a très chic picnic imported from Paris and now taking hold in outdoor landmark public spaces in 22 cities across 5 continents. Taking the flash mob concept to a refined and mysterious level, these romantic outdoor epicurean feasts are organized entirely via word of mouth and social media, attended annually by thousands of people in cities around the world. Demand was so great for New York’s first Diner en Blanc in 2011, with over 30,000 people on the waiting list, that the guest list has been expanded last summer to 3200 guests for the as-yet-to-be-disclosed location in Manhattan.
Part mystery, part magic, part flash feast, part je ne sais quoi, the day of the event unfolds the same in every city: the outdoor site is revealed at the last-minute to preserve spontaneity and secrecy. Guests are directed to meet in groups of 250 at rallying points where Group Leaders escort them to the nearby secret location. All are asked to dress elegantly and entirely in white, bring their own epicurean feasts, white tables and chairs. There are no paper plates or plastic cutlery at these events. Diners pull out candelabras, candles and giant flower arrangements to grace the tabletops and sup off fine china and polished silverware, clinking crystal glasses and goblets. Over the course of the evening, the diners celebrate amid live music, complete with festive white balloons. At 10:30 PM they pack up and depart, the site left immaculate, with no traces of the revelry left behind.

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